A very strong voice of reason

Chip provided me and my sister with excellent counsel following the passing of our Stepfather. Our mother had passed away more than 10 years earlier and the succession was performed by an inexperienced estate attorney. In the process of clearing my stepfather’s estate we had numerous challenges to work through with my mother’s legacy and 6 step siblings embroiled in their own family feud. Neither wills were clear and my mothers succession used terms that were inapplicable and didn’t reflect our understanding of her estate at the time of her death. Usefrux and forced heirship were two overarching items where Chip’s experience and knowledge of estate law were instrumental in us being able to preserve our interest in the final settlement of the estates. Chip not only provided excellent legal counsel but was also a very strong voice of reason as emotions ran high and we were mentally drained from the drama of our counterpart siblings. I would recommend Chip to anyone dealing with a difficult, and emotional, estate settlement without question. After us though, he deserves a couple amicable plain vanilla successions and a few less grey hairs.

— John Sabatier
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