Highly-skilled attorney

Chip is a highly-skilled attorney and is very knowledgeable in his work. Chip makes sure that the job will get done; he is both attentive and thoughtful in the way he approaches situations. I would recommend him to anyone who needs an estate attorney.

— Maureen Richard

Truly the best at what he does

Chip is truly the best at what he does. He definitely knows how to work with unique and difficult families and truly handles things with patience, resilience, and determination. He went above and beyond to make sure my mothers estate closed in a timely and efficient manner, and I would recommend him to any person that I meet.

— Katie Richard

So understanding, well-prepared, and friendly

I was introduced to Chip when he had to handle an interdiction for my sister-in-law. He was so understanding, well-prepared, and friendly that our family has used his services to prepare several powers of attorney, wills, and successions. In all instances, he did a fantastic job, and we were so grateful for his help. He even came to my parents’ home to prepare and have their wills signed, as they were very elderly. He has also come to our home to prepare and deliver documents. He goes above and beyond–no we are not related! I have recommended him to everyone I know who may need these types of services. Thanks again Chip

— louis walsdorf

Caring, patient and very attentive

Chip was very helpful in making a difficult process easy. We highly recommend him to assist in your Will planning and other legal documents needed to guide your family when you no longer can. He was caring, patient and very attentive to our specific needs. We are so happy to have met him and feel confident that he will guide us through the process with ease.

— Sherry Sherwood

A pleasure from beginning to end

Working with Chip was a pleasure from beginning to end. I went to him to update my will and other estate related documents. He is very professional, knowledgeable and patient, thoroughly explaining all the nuances of his recommendations and giving good advice. He completed the work quickly and I’m very pleased with the results. I would use him again in a heartbeat and highly recommend him to anyone needing an Estate attorney. He is also a talented author and music afficionato!

— Toni Wechsler

Professional, easy to reach, friendly

I just finished working with Chip for the second time and plan to in the future when the need arises. Chip was professional, easy to reach, friendly and took the time to explain all matters that revolved around my legal needs. I definitely would recommend Chip.

— David Armond


I have to start this off by simply saying Chip is just amazing. Ah-maz-ing! He’s professional and efficient. But not only that…. he warm, welcoming, kind and patient. Everything you could ask for in a succession lawyer. My sister and I actually called him our “earth angel” I could really go on for days about him – like really! I found him by googling “best succession layers in New Orleans” and he was the top rated. Much like anyone looking for help with a family member passing – I was overwhelmed and confused. My sister and I had already been through a slew of lawyers that were less than helpful and made us feel utterly defeated. No one was responding promptly, if at all, and if they did it was as though we were talking to used car salesmen. Then, I found Chip – I live in Brooklyn New York, my father passed in NOLA and my sister also lives in New Orleans. So as you can imagine this posed quite a complicated situation to navigate. Chip made every moment of the succession easy and painless. Not once did I ever worry. I always had complete and total trust in him – I never once worried about the outcome so long as he was involved. He wants to help. He wants to talk. And most importantly he wants to be there. And that’s exactly what we needed. After all is said and done, now that the succession is over, I’m actually bummed that I don’t get to speak with such a kind man and on a daily/weekly basis anymore. Because he truly helped me and my sister during such a difficult time and we thank him eternally and will keep him close to our hearts for a long time ️ Thank you Chip

— Courtney Kearns

We feel safe and confident with his legal advice

I am very happy to count on his legal advise and guidance with my estate. He keeps me well informed with his legal blogs and he is ready to assist me when I need to update any legal forms. He has been providing me and my family legal services since 2003. We feel safe and confident with his legal advice. I often refer him when friends seek legal advice or help.


A very strong voice of reason

Chip provided me and my sister with excellent counsel following the passing of our Stepfather. Our mother had passed away more than 10 years earlier and the succession was performed by an inexperienced estate attorney. In the process of clearing my stepfather’s estate we had numerous challenges to work through with my mother’s legacy and 6 step siblings embroiled in their own family feud. Neither wills were clear and my mothers succession used terms that were inapplicable and didn’t reflect our understanding of her estate at the time of her death. Usefrux and forced heirship were two overarching items where Chip’s experience and knowledge of estate law were instrumental in us being able to preserve our interest in the final settlement of the estates. Chip not only provided excellent legal counsel but was also a very strong voice of reason as emotions ran high and we were mentally drained from the drama of our counterpart siblings. I would recommend Chip to anyone dealing with a difficult, and emotional, estate settlement without question. After us though, he deserves a couple amicable plain vanilla successions and a few less grey hairs.

— John Sabatier

A man of high integrity and honesty

Chip is top notch!! He is a man of high integrity and honesty. He is extremely knowledgeable in the the areas of estate planning, wills, successions, and more. He has been my attorney for 20 years and I have highly recommended Chip to family and friends. All are extremely pleased with his professionalism and exemplary services!

— Mary Murphy
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