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Chip LoCoco is the author of four highly acclaimed novels. We are thrilled to announce that recently his novel, Saving the Music, was awarded the American Fiction Award in Historical Fiction. The book forms part of his beloved Bellafortuna Series. The book is available at Amazon.

Here is a brief description of the novel.


Embark on a captivating journey through the shadows of history in Saving the Music. Set amidst the turmoil of World War II, this gripping tale unveils the story of Jewish musicians who seek sanctuary in the unlikely embrace of Sicily. Ultimately, their harmonies are shrouded by the secrecy of the Vatican.

The story follows Heinrich Bergman, a talented violinist, his two musician companions, and Ludwig Adler, a gifted composer. Together they attempt to navigate a perilous path of survival and redemption. With the Gestapo closing in and their music silenced by the horrors of the Holocaust, their only hope lies in the clandestine network of priests and nuns dedicated to preserving the power of music and the souls it touches.

As they navigate the treacherous landscapes of war-torn Italy, the Jewish musicians discover the strength of their spirits. Their unbreakable bond forged by their shared love for music. With the ever-present threat of exposure looming, they must rely on their wit, courage, and the unexpected allies they find along the way.

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Sicily, the village of Bellafortuna soon becomes a vital sanctuary for the Jewish musicians seeking solace and safety. The villagers of Bellafortuna, with their deep-rooted traditions and strong sense of community, extend their open arms. They offer protection to the musicians. They do so despite the risks involved. The villagers are unexpected allies, shielding these Jewish musicians from danger. They embrace them as part of their own family. However, War soon comes to the village. Now they must hide the refugees or suffer the consequences.

“A courageous, emotionally charged, fast paced, gripping historical fiction novel . . . A stirring testament to the strength of the human spirit and the power of music.

Get ready to Immerse yourself in a story of resilience, faith, and the transcendent power of music. Saving the Music takes you on a remarkable journey of survival against insurmountable odds. Above all, the novel is rich in historical detail and emotional depth. It will leave you breathless. Accordingly, it reminds us that even in the darkest of times, the transformative power of music can light the way to hope and freedom.


Having won the American Fiction Award in Historical Fiction, the novel was also awarded the Gold medal in the Global Book Awards. Additionally, the novel has garnered praise from Kirkus Reviews. They describe the novel as a historically bold and dramatically lively war tale.

“Just when you think you’ve read everything there is about the Holocaust, you find Saving the Music, a beautifully-written work of historical fiction. Saving the Music is a book about courage, hope, and, most of all, resilience in the wake of evil, where the beauty of music and humanity’s strength of character are sure to resonate.”

-Readers Favorite Review

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